Friday, January 18, 2013

The Benefits Of Dog Massage

In addition to providing your dog with a supporting and comfortable Smart Pet Bed -- which is practically his own little home-- another technique to improve your pet's health is with massage.

Via LIFE + Dog magazine:

Massaging helps to open blood vessels and improve blood circulation, maintaining your pet's well-being and expediting recover. Techniques can be used to reduce stress on a nervous dog or one that is anxious at times, and spending time touching your companion helps to strengthen the human-animal bond. Using your hands over their entire body will also help you discover potential abnormalities in your dog that may need the attention of your veterinarian, potentially saving your dog's life.

The Ears
The ears of your dog are like a reflection of their overall physique. Massaging the ear and ear flaps will relax and invigorate her entire body.

The Head
Massaging a dog's head will help relax the dog. Pay particular attention to the temples and areas above the eyes. Pressure points near the eye are associated to the stomach, bladder and gallbladder.

The Back
Massaging here, on both sides of the spine just above the stomach will relieve pains associated with stomach illnesses and vomiting.

Front Legs & Elbows
Working in the crease behind your dog's elbow will help him cope with infections and allergies

Back Toes
Many meridians, or energy pathways throughout the body, begin or end on the sides of your dog's toes. Massage each toe or the entire foot for all-over well-being.
Here are some additional tips while you are massaging:
- Use a steady hand and a consistent speed to avoid creating stress
- Massage in a relaxed environment, away from external stresses and other dogs
- Start with light pressure and if the dog is comfortable, only then should you apply more

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Orthopedic Dog Beds Provide Comfort for Your Best Friend

A comfortable sleep is crucial to your health and it is just as important for your family pet. Ensuring that your dog has a comfy spot to sleep means a longer, happier life for them and as they get older; their comfort becomes even more important. That's where an orthopedic dog bed becomes their second best friend after you.

Featuring exquisitely soft materials and effective support, our orthopedic beds are designed to last. Each model is specifically crafted to accommodate a designated weight class, so your pet gets the perfect orthopedic bed for their size.

Our professionally crafted beds also include other outstanding features such as being waterproof, chlorine tolerant, mildew resistant, and stain resistant. In addition, all beds are crafted with covers that resist fading indoors or outdoors and can be machine washed and dried. Durable and attractive, these beds will welcome your pet to snuggle and luxuriate in delightful comfort.

  • Our Supreme Series features memory foam and a removable waterproof liner, comes in a variety of warm colors and sports soft, plush covers. From a teacup Chihuahua to a mastiff, there is an ideally sized and shaped orthopedic dog bed for your beloved pet.

  • The Executive Series features the same degree of comfort and characteristics, but with a different design.  Featuring a mattress style, memory foam and--for all but the tiniest dog--an extra support layer of foam to ensure maximum comfort, these beds are perfect for any pet.

  • The Royal Series features classic down and feather filled beds and a vibrantly colored plush cover. All can be machine washed and dried and a convenient zipper allows for easy removal of the cover for cleaning.

  • The Standard Series beds offer traditional styling and are available in bold Canvas Black and Canvas Charcoal. Perfect for a car trip or vacation, standard beds are easy to transport and their superior, quality fiber filling provides reliable comfort any and everywhere.

Aging impacts your pet the same way it affects humans; bones get creaky and bodies require some tender loving care to help avoid pain and stress. An orthopedic dog bed helps to ease the transition from youth to old age and allows pets to live longer in comfort.