Thursday, October 25, 2012

Choosing the Best Possible Beds for Dogs

The process for choosing the best dog bed for your canine companion is similar to the process you would use to select a mattress for your own bed. When you look for a mattress for yourself, you want one that is comfortable, provides sufficient support, and is an appropriate size. If you could ask your pet what it would want when it comes to beds for dogs, he or she would probably want those same three specifications.

If you are looking for a bed for your new puppy, you'll probably need a small or medium size bed, depending on the size of the puppy. Adding a washable cover to a puppy bed is also advisable.

As the years go by and your furry little family member grows, the puppy bed will eventually need to be replaced with a larger bed. A dog should have a bed that is large enough to accommodate the length of its body. Dogs need enough space to arrange themselves comfortably on the surface of the bed. Fiber-filled beds or feather and down beds are often sufficient for young to middle age dogs.

As a dog ages, its body can begin to feel the effects of aging, just like humans. Arthritis may be an issue the dog is dealing with. Hip dysplasia can also become a problem with older dogs. When people begin to experience age related discomfort, they often replace their standard mattress with a memory foam mattress. The same type of mattress can provide support for a dog. Memory foam beds for dogs will form to the contour of the dog's body and relieve stress on pressure points. It is also important to remember that incontinence sometimes becomes a problem with older dogs. If that issue occurs, it may be necessary to add a water-proof liner to their memory foam mattress.

Small dogs and older dogs can also benefit from beds that keep them warm. A bed that is too large will not provide the warmth the dog needs. An appropriate size bed with a memory foam mattress offers maximum comfort and allows retention of body temperature to keep the dog warm. Bolster-style dog beds offer an added measure of safety for aging dogs, and they also provide some protection from drafts.

No matter what type of dog you have, you can be certain that we have the right type of dog bed to keep both you and your pet happy. Be sure to browse our site today to find the best possible bed for your dog.